行空 - 拉爾斯・科樸索個展

展 期:2014/08/30 - 2014/09/27
開幕酒會:2014/08/30 (六) 19:00
展覽地點:VT Artsalon 非常廟藝文空間 (台北市新生北路三段56巷17號B1)
網 址:http://www.vtartsalon.com

「 VT 慕尼黑三年駐點計劃」:今年除了亞洲的交流活動持續進行之外,VT首次與德國慕尼黑Apartment of Art藝術公寓(Apartment der Kunst)共同合作的交流展覽,雙方空間締結三年期計畫。每年計畫涵蓋三項。1.策展人策劃展 2.台灣藝術家德國駐村 3.台德藝術家雙邊交流個展三部分。

此次計劃為三年期長期駐點計劃,每年計劃涵蓋三階段進行。階段一:由台灣策展人策劃一檔展覽至德國展出,今年5月由策展人-胡朝聖遠赴德國策劃「聲.貌」-吳燦政、陳伯義雙個展,兩位藝術家分別以紀實聲音與影像描繪台灣的特殊景致。 第二階段:6月由台灣藝術家─蘇匯宇於德國為期一個月的駐村交流及個展,目前正要進行的第三階段:8月30號將由德國藝術家拉爾斯・科樸索Lars Koepsel 於VT非常廟藝文空間舉辦個展。

曾在慕尼黑攻讀哲學,現定居德國的藝術家 ─ 拉爾斯・科樸索,與台灣有著緊密的聯繫。因家庭的關係,拉爾斯每年都回台灣,在異地文化的熏陶下,拉爾斯將自己視為台德精神的結合體,文化沖擊更深深影響著他對藝術的理解與表達。


本次由非常廟策劃的拉爾斯・科樸索個展,展現了藝術家對中西文化的探索與媒材實踐,利用文字、圖像、壁畫、錄像等媒材將文字轉化為別具趣味的視覺作品,以90度旋轉複製方式,將文字與符號併置,表達藝術家對文字意義的思考。不僅如此,觀眾還能從互動中體驗藝術,作品-《壁畫》便邀請邀請現場來賓以現有工具刮去標語,並將掉落的土灰與色片保存,在文字的「去」與「存」的過程中,觀者能進一步理解「文字」與「內容」的關係。錄像作品-“禪”集結十一件在2000-2001年創作的同位重覆輪迴的動態影象,以“慢” “快”的手法呈現生活中的片斷,使人重新回味不經意的片刻。


Exercises of Emptiness ─ Lars Koepsel Solo Exhibition

Exhibition:2014/08/30 - 2014/09/27
Opening:2014/08/30 (Sat) 19:00
Location:VT Artsalon (B1, No.17, Ln.56, Sec. 3, Xinsheng N. Rd, Taipei, Taiwan)
Opening Hour:Tue.-Fri. 11:30 - 19:00 | Sat. 13:30-21:00 (Sun, Mon Closed)

Exercises of Emptiness ─ Lars Koepsel Solo Exhibition part of the “VT 3 year venture project with Apartment der Kunst in Munich”: This year as well as continuing our Asia exchanges is also the first collaboration of VT Artsalon, Taipei and Apartment der Kunst, Munich in a new 3 year project. Every year this project will be split into 3 parts: first is the curated exhibition, second, Taiwan artist residency in Germany, and third, solo or group exhibition for a German artist, send over to VT by Apartment der Kunst .

This venture project is a 3 year long term project, each year consist of 3 programs. First, a curated exhibition by Taiwanese curator in Germany, during May 2014 was the joint exhibition titled “It looks sound but…” curated by Sean CS Hu featuring artist Wu Tsan Cheng and Chen Po-I, the two artist each uses sound and photography to describe the special environment of Taiwan. Second, during June 2014 was the residency and solo exhibition of Taiwan artist Su Hui-Yu who will spent one month in Germany for this exchange. And now it is the third stage, on the 30th August will be the solo exhibition of German artist Lars Koepsel in VT Artsalon.

German artist Lars Koepsel, having previously studied philosophy in Munich, currently based in Munich has always maintained close connections with Taiwan, because of family relations Lars visits Taiwan annually, under the influence of Taiwanese cultures, Lars always consider himself in spirit a combination and mixture of Taiwanese and German cultural, this interesting mixture of culture has created a profound impact on his understanding and expression of art.

The art works of Lars Koepsel often originates from the most essences of the objects, featuring the reality of Western philosophy, but also contains the charms of traditional Eastern aesthetics. In 1999 in Daan Forest Park of Taipei, environmental public art project "lai", uses trees as the main subject to raised the important relation of natural and cultural, through being close to the forest, awakening the close and mutual relationship between man and nature.

This time Lars Koepsel’s solo exhibition in VT Artsalon titled “Exercises of Emptiness” Koepsel will be demonstrating his exploration of Chinese and Western cultures and the practice of mediums, the transformation of text, images, paintings, video and other media text into unique visually interesting works, using rotation and copying juxtaposing words and symbols to reflect on the study of the meaning of words by the artist. – The work with this symbols is all together one book called “have or be“ therefore Lars uses currency , capitalistic, spiritual or religious symbols. Audience can also experience interaction with the work - "mural" which invite viewers to scrape off the banner with tools and collecting the debris , in the process further understand the relationship between the text and the context, Video works - "Zen" is a series of eleven video works made between 2000-2001 played as a looped video, with images, through "slow" and "fast" approach presents fragments of life, and inadvertently reminding people of moments in life.

Lars Koepsel’s integrates his studies on the cultural, philosophical, creative thoughts into the various types of media, providing viewers’ visual, tactile and auditory senses a space for aesthetic contemplation, VT Artsalon cordially invite you to visit Exercises of Emptiness ─ Lars Koepsel Solo Exhibition.