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A young artist-run group named Very Temple formed back about 20 years ago in Taipei, Taiwan. At its initial stage, the group has allied with various parties, holding exhibitions on an irregular basis with no fixed exhibition venue, and achieving their artistic ideals with guerrilla-like practices. The group members might not have imagined that “Very Temple” could stick to this course for 20 years. It can be said that this group has carved out an evolutionary path of art. In 2006, this guerrilla force with united talents resulted in the establishment of VT Artsalon (hereafter referred to as VT). This gallery complex was found by a team of curators and artists, including Jui-Chong Yao, Wen-Chi Chen, Wei-Cheng Tu, Chun-Hao Chen, Sean C. S. Hu, Dar-Kuen Wu, Hui-Yu Su, and Isa Ho. They orientate VT towards transdisciplinary performance, exhibition and exchange, and devote their energies to promoting arts outside the mainstream. With the spirit of local touch and innovation, VT has made several adjustments to its space in the following years. It made a new start after moving to its new home on Xin-Sheng North Road in 2012. Since then, it has re-orientated itself towards holding professional exhibitions and developing various interlinking art projects.

In addition to the regular exhibitions, VT focuses on the multi-angle extension as well. Since 2014, VT has started a series of worldwide exhibitions, such as a three-year exhibition/residential exchange project with Apartment der Kunst in Munich, and showcases with am art space in Hong Kong, SGFA in Malaysia, Marso in Mexico, GUP in the Netherlands, Casino in Luxembourg, and so on. VT has been invited to several art fairs in Paris, France, Germany, Busan, Seoul, Gwangju, Korea and Beijing, China. From 2017, VT has officially launched two major international exchange projects, Island Hopping Project – Empire Retrograde and Younited States, which have collided the sparks between Taiwan and other countries and created various groundbreaking ideas. Besides, VT also brings young curators and art administrators to the world, cultivating their universal vision, the way of getting along with art workers from around the globe, as well as a better international literacy of art. It is hoped that more talents will be encouraged, and more Taiwanese art workers will shine on the global stage.

Furthermore, VT has invested its efforts in cultivating Taiwanese young artists and art workers through hosting various open calls and projects, such as Very Period for art administrators and researchers, VT Open Call for curators, Very Show for fledgling young artists, and Very View for young art critics. In 2019, VT has launched a young art worker cultivation project, integrating relevant plans and momentum step by step. VT believes that with long-term and stable cultivation as the primary, and the spirit of innovation as the supplement, it can gradually cultivate and support the next generation of artistic talents.

During operation, VT always ponders the role and the significance of Taiwan as a member of the world, together with how to rebuild a new cultural and political context under the premise of using art as the method. Accordingly, Taiwan can build a positive relationship with other countries, and at the same time to benefit from it. Since 2008, VT has continued to conduct various international exchanges in the form of joint exhibitions, residencies, forums and publications. In 2018, there was a brand-new chapter of VT: it was transformed from an artist’s space into an artist-run-space as collective art or project. From then on, VT started to create a platform as the cohesion within the Taiwanese art community, and the basis to integrate Taiwan’s art, artists, curators, critics, and administrators to stand on the international stage.



Wu Dar Kuen




Yao Jui Chung




HU Sean C.S.

出生於臺灣,輔仁大學大眾傳播系廣播電視組畢業,紐約流行設計學院(Fashion Institute of Technology)藝術管理碩士。現為胡氏藝術公司執行長及双方藝廊創辦人、忠泰建築文化藝術基金會榮譽董事、臺灣視覺藝術協會顧問、臺北市政府市政顧問。MORE



Su Hui Yu




Tu Wei Cheng




Chen Wen Chi




Chen Chun Hao

1971年出生於台灣南投,自2009年底,開始以「蚊釘」創作。利用木工裝潢時所使用的特殊「蚊釘槍」,進行古畫的臨摹創作。對他來說,這樣的臨摹是極為個人式的創作行為,同時也延續了先前的創作慣性 ─ 「在材質的限制性下尋找創作的可能性」。陳浚豪運用蚊釘與傳統書畫的水墨置換,視個人的臨摹為「再創作」的創作方式,將眾多書畫典範,以當代書寫的方式,賦予其嶄新的面貌。MORE



Ho Isa