lulu 002

lulu 002

【Yang Jen-Ming Solo Exhibition】Obsession

Dates: 2019/03/15 (Sat.) – 2019/05/04 (Sat.)
Opening Reception: 2019/03/16 (Sat.), 18:00~20:00
Artist Talk: 2019/03/16 (Sat.), 17:00-18:00
Commentators: Fiona Lin
Venue: VT Artsalon (No. 17, Lane 56, Section 3, Xinsheng North Road, Taipei City)

Life is like a timeline. The experiences that happens in life continuously collides with each other, resulting in overlapping, distinguishing, and regenerating. During this process, we intertwine and become a part of this timeline. Just as if it is a distance from Point A to Point B, the changes that occurs to our thought process and our life status throughout the passing of time. From when we were young and are willing to fully express our thoughts. Then evolving to only following social issues. Finally, becoming internalized and self – dialectical thinking.

Artist Yang Jen-Ming’s work overlaps layers of colored pieces. Sending off a translucent light which shines through the distance between time and space. It reflects the thought of the artist at that very moment. In between all of the different colored pieces and multiple pigment layering. It is the artist’s self-dialectic at that exact moment.

Artist Yang Jen-Ming believes that,” Each project is a new beginning.” This belief is now transformed into colors and lines which are filled with many symbolic abstract signs. These connections between lines create intersecting points and it then becomes an area of color. Distinguishing different conditions of thoughts from different conversations and emotions. We can read these signs as a code of artist’s language. In the process of continuous overlapping, deconstructing and reconstructing we can find a common feeling between ourselves and the artist. We can even look into our soul and dig out our “self- persistence” and “self – consciences”. While observing his work, let ourselves drift into his work and in his work find ourselves.