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【Asian drums: Art Dialogues Among Taiwan, Korea, and Thailand】

Date: 24 Aug 2019- 12 Oct 2019
Artist Talk: 24 Aug 2019 (Sat.) 17:00-18:30
Reception: 24 Aug 2019 (Sat.) 18:30-21:00
Seo Sangho
Chu HyiJeong

Taiwan / Huang Wanling, Hsieh Muchi, Lin Guanming
Korea / Choi SuHwan, Jo Hyeonsu, Lee Moonho, Park NeungSaeng
Thialand / Phornphop Sittiruk, Prasert Yodkaew, Torwong Wutthiwong
Venue: VT Artsalon (B1, No.17, Ln.56, Sec. 3, Xinsheng N. Rd, TaipeiCity 104, Taiwan)

The powerful beats of the drum are not just heard by the ears, they also collide with the body.”Asian drums” gathered Artists from Taiwan, Korea and Thailand who will return to where they are based, make their thoughts into artworks and show our own identity specializes in “Asia specialty” and “Asia Value” in developing modern society.

This exhibition place in Taiwan, an important geopolitical location and the great resonance of Asia, with VT Artsalon in Taiwan, OPENSPACE BAE International Art Village in Korea and Artists in Thailand to cooperate with each other. The intention isn’t to overemphasizing the character of any particular locale, nor to claim that this exhibition is exceptional in its portrayal of Asianness, only to provide a clear report on a variety of groups who have been active in the artistic field for more than ten years and diffuse the sounds of their rhythms far and wide. No matter how small the wave is we will continue to function as a stronghold that faithfully stores even the smallest of Asian artist’s clamors, hope that Asian art will continue to be debated and discussed, and accumulate echo and resonance.

This encounter with visual art will spotlight Asia’s past, present, and future, and pique the audience’s interest in the culture of the various nations of Asia. Taiwan as an Island which in the great resonance of Asia, hoping to go beyond Asia's laws and ring to the world farther, but the big sound and solidarity will spread more through this exhibition and raise the sound of the drums that knock on our hearts is the echo of Asia; and the echo of the cry of art will grow louder and louder, and live on around us, wherever we are.