2020 Open Call

【2020 OPEN CALL】Selection Result

VT has always sought more diversified ways of presented and also hoped to expand the participation of more artists, so VT published its first public conquest in 2012. As of this year’s fifth VT OPEN CALL, the two-months solicitation started in July, and the submission status is quite active. As of the deadline, there are a total of 63 group submissions. In addition to all the domestic applicants, we also received applications from 15 countries, including Canada, the Netherlands, India, the United States, the United Kingdom, Thailand, Turkey, Hong Kong, Colombia, Malaysia, Singapore, France, Finland, Belgium, etc.
After the initial review for the 63 groups of submissions, we selected a total of 17 groups for the final stage review. The evaluation judges team included artist Teh-I Chu, the founder of WHITE FUNGUS, Ron Hanson, and the artist Isa Ho. During the evaluation, they experienced intense discussions, struggles, and thoughts to evaluated them. In the end, under many controversies, VT Artsalon decided to break through the convention, instead of selecting only one group as the previous year, but to selected two outstanding finalists and one alternate candidate this year.

The selected finalists:

➤ Curator Nien-Ting, Chen / An Uncanny Assortment of Miscellaneous Objects Taiwan & Singapore International Young artists Exchange Exhibition
➤ Curator Sau-Wai, Cheng / Diaspora Exile

Thanks again to all the artists, teams, and curators for the participation.
Let us look forward to the fabulous exhibitions that the two curators will bring to VT next year.