Exercises of Emptiness ─ Lars Koepsel Solo Exhibition

Exhibition:2014/08/30 - 2014/09/27
Opening:2014/08/30 (Sat) 19:00
Location:VT Artsalon (B1, No.17, Ln.56, Sec. 3, Xinsheng N. Rd, Taipei, Taiwan)
Opening Hour:Tue.-Fri. 11:30 - 19:00 | Sat. 13:30-21:00 (Sun, Mon Closed)

Lars Koepsel

1964 born in Bingen / Rhein, Germany lives in Munich / Germany


1983-85 Mainz University, Art History

1998-2001 LM University, Philosophy

Solo Exhibitions

Neuland, apartment der kunst, Munich founding of apartment of art

The Killerrabbitranchrodeo 1, Nationalgalerie Berlin
The Killerrabbitranchrodeo 2, Studio Norrmann, Biberbach

co(op)llaboration–iaart at ITPark, two man exhibition–Lars Koepsel and Vernon Ah Kee, IT Park Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan, August 21–September 18 2010

Sweeties, IT-Park Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan

Game Over, Künstlerhaus, Wien, two man exhibition–Lars Koepsel and Eliane Huber, Vienna, Austria
lai, Public Art Project, Song Zhuang, Beijing, September 2000

lai–come, DeoA-Foundation,Taipei, Taiwan,Mai–September 1999, Catalogue

consistence, two man exhibition, Lars Koepsel and Li-Mei Shie, Hohenkammer Castle, Hohenk, Germany
《Moon》Performance, Tapei

《Moon》Performanc, Taipei
《KOMM》Public Art, Munich

Red, the simplify of openness, Public art, In front of the factory of BMW

About our thoughts, Landshut Arts Center

Necessary of reality and doubts of Ideality, Amerika Zig Cultural Center

Group Exhibitions

Speak Easy, Gallery 4A, The Asia-Australia Arts Centre, Sydney, Australia, September 25–November 31 2009.
Erased (contemporary Australian drawing), University of Melbourne / AsiaLink; Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts Gallery, Singapore, July 20–August 23 2009
Ignite, Object: Australian Centre for Craft and Design, Sydney, Australia, April 18–June 21 2009.
Avoiding the Myth & Message: Australian Artists and the Literary World, Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney, Australia, April 7–July 12 2009.
Figuring Landscapes: Moving Image From Australia, ArtSway, New Forest, UK, November 25 – 30, 2008; Tate Modern, London, United Kingdom, February 6–8, 2009; Ivan Dougherty Gallery, College of Fine Art, University of New South Wales, Sydney, April 2–25 2009.
I Walk The Line: New Australian Drawing, Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney, Australia, March 17–May 24 2009.
Terra Nullius, ACC Galerie, Weimar, Germany, January 27–March 22 2009; Halle 14, Baumwollspinnerei, Leipzig, Germany May 1–July 26 2009.

Contemporary Australia: Optimism, Queensland Art Gallery, Gallery of Modern Art, Brisbane, Australia, November 26 2008–February 22 2009.
Halflight: Portraits From Black Australia, Art Gallery of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia, November 21 2008–February 22 2009.
In The Space Of Elsewhere, Stanley Picker Gallery, Kingston University, London, United Kingdom, October 1–November 22 2008.
Revolutions: Forms That Turn, Biennale of Sydney #16, Sydney, Australia, June 18–September 7 2008.

Power and Beauty: Indigenous Art Now, Heide Museum of Modern Art, Melbourne, Australia, November 17 2007 – March 10 2008.
National Indigenous Art Triennial: Culture Warriors, National Gallery of Art, Canberra, Australia, October 12 2007–February 10 2008; touring util 2009.
Sunshine State, Smart State, Cambelltown Arts Centre, Sydney, Australia, July 6–August 26 2007.
Thresholds of Tolerance, School of Art Gallery, Australian National University, Canberra, Australia, May 10–June 5 2007.
Raised By Wolves, Art Gallery of Western Australia, Perth, Australia, February 9–March 8 2007.

Your, Mine & Ours, 50 years of ABC TV, Cambelltown Arts Centre, Sydney, Australia, November 25 2006–February 2007.
Colonial To Contemporary, Dell Gallery, Queensland College of Art, Griffith University, Brisbane, Australia, July 26–August 27 2006.
The Sixth Drawing Biennale, The Drill Hall Gallery, Australian National University, Canberra, Australia, July 27–Sep 11 2006.
Radical Regionalism: The Empire of Shadows, Museum London, London, Ontario, April 7–June 18 2006.
Dancelines, George Adams Gallery, The Arts Centre, Melbourne, Australia, February 4–April 2 2006.

ARC Art, Design & Craft Biennial, Brisbane City Hall, Brisbane, Australia, October 28–30 2005.
Art Urbain du Pacific, Diff’ Art Pacific (Different Art from the Pacific), The Castle of St-Auvent, Saint Auvent, France, August 6 – September 10 2005.
The Grey Voice: Contemporary Australian Drawing, Tin Sheds Gallery + Art Workshops, University of Sydney, Sydney, Australia, July 23–August 13 2005.
Face Value: Video portraiture from the Pacific, Ivan Dougherty Gallery, Sydney, April 14–May 14 2005; Museum of Brisbane, Brisbane, Australia, May 24–August 7 2005.

skin, The Long Gallery, Salamanca Arts Centre, Hobart, Australia, July 8–August 8 2004.
Cultural Copy: Visual Conversations on Indigenous Art and Cultural Appropriation, The Fowler Museum, University of California, Los Angeles, United States of America, July 7–September 12 2004.
blak insights: Contemporary Indigenous Art from the Queensland Art Gallery Collection, Gallery 2, 3, 13, 14, 17, Pelican Pool Lounge & Watermall, Queensland Art Gallery, Brisbane, Australia, July 3–October 30 2004.
ART TV, 2004 Australian Culture Now, Australian Centre for the Moving Image, Melbourne, Australia, from June 7 2004–2006.
Spirit & Vision: Aboriginal Art, Sammlung Essl–Kunsthaus, Klosternburg, Austria, April 2–August 29 2004.

Neue Galerie Dachau / Germany, Solo, Künstlerhaus, Wien (with Eliane Huber) / Austria
One Square Mile: Brisbane Boundaries, Museum of Brisbane, Brisbane City Gallery, Australia, October 25–2003.
Abstractions, The Drill Hall, Australian National University, Canberra, Australia, October 2–9,2003.
This Is Not America, Dusseldorf, Germany, June 27–July 23, 2003, QCA Gallery, Brisbane, Australia, Feb 6–March 28 2004.
Story Place: Indigenous Art of Cape York and the Rainforest, Queensland Art Gallery, Brisbane, Australia, July 24–November 9 2003.
5 White Cubes, heimatkunst.com, Forum Kunst Art Residency, Rottweil, Baden–Wüttemberg,Germany,May 28–October 28 2003.
Feedback: Art, Social Consciousness, and Resistance, Monash University Museum of Art, Monash University, Melbourne, Australia, March 18 – May 10 2003

Videoportraits und Texte, Neue Galerie, Dachau, Germany, November 21.2003–January 04.2004,Catalogue

Neuer Kunstverein, Regensburg / Germany
Moon event / Kurt Johannessen, Bergen Museum of Art, European City of Culture 2000

Zen–Camera, QCA Gallery, Griffith University, Brisbane, Australia, September 21–October 22,2001 Insomnnia, Video performance, Uluru,Australia, October 2001

The second Generation, Performance,Collection,Gifts, DA-AN Park, Taipei, Taiwan, August 2000

“MOON – PROJECT”, Artist in residence, The Bamboo Curtain Studio,Taipei / Taiwan

“open reduction to red”, Public Art Exhibition, Germany, Group, Catalogue

Twins Exhibition, with Sherry Mei, Taipei Economic and Cultural Office, Munich, Germany

Pangaea Panthalassa, with Sherry Mei, Munich, Germany

The proudness of Taiwaness, with Sherry Mei, Taipei, Taiwan

Cross, Munich, Germany

Münchner Rückversicherung, Munich, Germany
Aareal Bank, Wiesbaden, Germany
Bavarian State Library, Munich, Germany

Exercises of Emptiness ─ Lars Koepsel Solo Exhibition

Exhibition:2014/08/30 - 2014/09/27
Opening:2014/08/30 (Sat) 19:00
Location:VT Artsalon (B1, No.17, Ln.56, Sec. 3, Xinsheng N. Rd, Taipei, Taiwan)
Opening Hour:Tue.-Fri. 11:30 - 19:00 | Sat. 13:30-21:00 (Sun, Mon Closed)

Artist Statement

- Exercises of Emptiness -

Lars Koepsel

30.08.- 28.09.2014

For more than 20 years I come to Taiwan almost every year. It is mostly for family reasons but also to meet friends or work. Sometimes I think I'm more Taiwanese than German, nevertheless, at least in the meantime it is a mentally mixed product. I can say in full seriousness. One thing is definite, the art which I discovered here. especially the influence of abstract Chinese calligraphy on my work is as important as my occupation with philosophy during my studies in Munich.

What do I make?

I write! Better said: I copy entire books by handwriting. Since 15 years. From first up to the last word.

I select those books out of the fund, which are of interest beyond historical moments. Philosophic texts from Plato to Wittgenstein to Tschuang-Tse or Lau-Tse. I write line by line, layer by layer. Non-linear, one over the other, but with each layer the sheet is rotated 90°. So slowly an unreadable text fabric arises. Often it takes a few months to finish a piece of work. The copied book becomes a structure of depositions. A text whose meaning disappears as writing becomes an embodied drawing, a picture which has absorbed the meaning of the text but contains also the content of the text. Books become pictures!

- The mural:

The extension of the text pictures to the text on the wall in the form of a slogan may be surprising at first, but I wanted to incorporate the audience in the process of my work.

The slogan "The true friend of art is freedom" refers to a 200 year old text by Schiller, in which he demands the aesthetic state. Schiller's text was written in the days when the French Revolution was preparing to spread over Germany and the monarchy tried to secure their status quo.

I would like to ask the audience to participate and to scratch the slogan of the wall during the exhibition. The resulting abrasion and dust is collected daily in jewelry vessels which are placed on the walls of the gallery. Thus the time of the exhibition is part of the creation process which is completed by the end of the exhibition.

The writing disappears from the wall, the contents essence, remains in the vessels.

- The videos:

ZEN Camera is a conglomerate of 11 looped analog videos from 2000-2001. This work is based on the assumption that certain everyday sequences, if they are extremely slowed down, or what I did here, split up into single images with help of the remote control, brings irritating perceptions, which we usually ignore in normal everyday life as it is just too fast. Thus the viewer is able to look behind surfaces which would otherwise remain closed.

"Game Over" is a 19 min short film with soundtrack by Roman Pawollek about the game of life, which was created in 2004 for the Künstlerhaus Vienna.

Exercises of Emptiness ─ Lars Koepsel Solo Exhibition

Exercises of Emptiness ─ Lars Koepsel Solo Exhibition