【C&G Art Group】 I/O Landscape

Opening:2019/07/20 (Sat.) 18:00-21:00
Reception Guest Speaker:Chen Kuang-Yi, Wang Sheng-Huang.
Art and Technology (Industrial Technology Research Institute)
Time:2019/08/03 (Sat.) 15:00-17:00
Moderator:Hsiang-Lan Shih
Commentators:Ph.D. in Philosophy at Université Jean-Moulin-Lyon-III, France - Shih-Wei TSAI, Vital Sensing and Art Creation Lab ─ Hong-Dun Lin, Automation and New Media Lab ─ Lee Chun-Ting, Researcher Hank Wang
Venue: VT Artsalon (No. 17, Lane 56, Section 3, Xinsheng North Road, Taipei City)

Artist│ C&G Art Group
C&G art group consists of artists Chieh-sen Chiu and Margot Guillemot. It is an art creative team focused on merging digital imaging technology with the pattern of cultural development. Employing digital technology as the core basis of their artistic process, the team explores ways in which technology enters our daily lives, and applies this information into their process. How does one digitally reconstruct the possibilities of the urban landscape from intangible memories? Working from the regionality of people and landscape, C&G art group investigates how the contemporary human coexists and interlays with technology.

2019 I/0 Landscape, (Duo show) VT Art Salon, Taipei, Taiwan
2019 PS, (Group show) Our Museum, NTUA, Taiwan
2019 Now and here, (Group show) Solid art, Taoyuan, Taiwan
2019 Small Singapore Show 2.1, (Group show) Supernormal, Singapore
2018 Small Singapore Show 2.0, (Group show) OCAC, Taipei, Taiwan
2018 Taiwan Annual, (Group show) Taipei Expo Park Expo Dome, Taipei, Taiwan
2018 Cross-Domain Reading & Writing: A Biblio-ecology, (Group show) Taipei Fine-Arts Museum, Taipei, Taiwan
2018 Xin Mu, (Group show), Heart Village, Taipei, Taiwan
2017 The philosophy of disclosure, (Group show) National Taiwan Museum of Fine-Arts, Taichung, Taiwan
2017 Confluence, (Group show) Our Museum, Int. Exhibition Hall, NTUA, Taiwan
2017 Taiwan Annual, (Group show) Taipei Expo Park Expo Dome, Taipei, Taiwan
2017 Ut Pictura poesis, (Duo show) U-mkt, Taipei, Taiwan
2017 Retro-Pro-Spective, (Group show) Gallery AM Jaumaud, Narbonne, France
2016 Love thy neighbor as thyself, (Group show) Nanhai Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan
2015 Kit ou Double, (Group show) Pré-Carré, Montpellier, France
2015 Tentative d’épuisement, (Duo show) La Poudrière, Narbonne, France

2018 Yilan Art Awards - Chiehsen CHIU - Prize
2017 Taipei Art Awards - Chiehsen CHIU - Nominated
2016 Next Art Tainan - Chiehsen CHIU - Nominated
2016 Drawing Room - Prix de la jeune création - Margot Guillemot - Nominated
2015 Kaoshiung awards - Chiehsen CHIU - Nominated

2019/04 - 2019/11 - Arts@ITRI, Industrial Technology Research Institute, Taiwan
2019/09 - 2019/10 - Maison des arts Georges et Claude Pompidou, France
2019/06 - 2019/08 - Kaoshiung Pier 2, Taiwan (Chiehsen CHIU)
2017/04 - 2019/04 - NTUA Our Museum

Bangkah, Through-Everyday, 218 p., published on October 2018

Chieh-sen Chiu
He excels in creating work that has to do with memory, spaces, and historical documents, and he transforms his subtle experiences regarding human footprints and thought processes into art, focusing on creating a record of the flow, imagination, and reproduction present in the relationships between people, objects, spaces, and environments. Due to the plurality of his experiences in contemporary art, traditional crafts, and historic architecture, he has in recent years been using artistic experiments that combine technological objects and materials to explore the possibilities of multidisciplinary integration between historic human footprints and art.

2016~ Zone Art, art director, Taoyuan
2017~ National Taiwan University of the Arts, School of Contemporary Visual Culture, Phd Program

2017-2018 Heat Village, art director, Taipei (New Beitou)
2016 Graduated from the Ecole Superieure des Beaux-arts de Montpellier, France
2015 Exchange Student at the Guangzhou Academy of Fine-arts, China
2010 Graduated from the National Taiwan University of the Arts, Department of Architecture Conservation

Margot Guillemot
Margot holds a MFA degree from the Beaux-arts of Montpellier in France. She dedicates herself to exploring the art-ness of contemporary digital technology, through which she reflects on the idea of “reality”.
By examining the fluidity of time, she uncovers the nature and condition of human life; it is the irrefutable time, the deepest layer of self, or a blurring of the “self” and “subject,” collectively formed into an argument on “being.” From the paradoxical relationship between perception and cognition, reality and virtual, space and time, Margot questions the idea of “reality” – is “reality” necessarily “real?”

2018 National Taiwan University of the Arts, School of Contemporary Visual Culture, Phd Program
2018 Recipient of Taiwan Ministry of Education’s scholarship
2017 National Taipei University of the Arts, Department of Fine-Arts
2016 Graduated from the Ecole Superieure des Beaux-arts de Montpellier, France
2015 Exchange Student at the Guangzhou Academy of Fine-arts, China

“ Everything that was directly lived has moved away into a representation.”
─ Guy-Ernest Debord

Contemporary society is facing the country of landscape society constructed in the materialized era of capitalism. Since the Millennium, the whole human social behavior has been a huge accumulation of landscapes. With the development of digital technology, contemporary landscape has entered a distorted state of space and time, and the relationship between reality and actuality has become increasingly blurred. In order to re-mobilize the body perception of visible and invisible areas (boundaries, territory), and construct a series of "landscape reconstruction" creations of the body correspondence between landscape and digit.

In 1967, Michel Foucault proposed the concept of heterotopia. With the development of science and technology, digital technology has established a real and virtual fuzzy zone – the cyberspace. This vague zone van be regarded as a heterotopia or a real and virtual space. In this space, people can exchange information through the real world. In other words, we are in a situation where real space and virtual space can interact, and most of the landscape we watch is created by the screen.

In this creative project, the part closest to the core is a discussion about living environment. Growing up in the new era of advanced science and technology, our concept of the environment is contrary to the previous one. At the same time, because of the rapid environmental changes in recent years, we are at a loss.

With the rapid development of science and technology, the exchange of information chips has gradually become faster and more convenient. At present, we are far away from the true and vivid understanding between us. The phenomenon of scientific and technological stray formed by human beings relying on this life state has almost become the commonness of urban people, many of which are carried out in the subconscious, making people fall into a numb state of mind.

Facing the rapid pace of urban spatial variation bestowed by digital technology, how can people learn to face the world with humility ? This is a beginning of "watching": it tries to transform sculpture and drawing into landscape, and make the city and people love each other outside and hold each other inside. When the audience meets with the works, it also opens up another layer of understanding of our surrounding environment.