M.A. degree in Art Administration in Fashion Institute of Technology, CUNY in 1998. Hu is a curator, art critic, and the board member for the Association of the Visual Arts in Taiwan, Jut Foundation for Arts & Architecture, the CEO of Hu’s Art Company as well as a Lecturer. Following is a selected list of projects that Sean C.S. Hu was responsible for: “The Wind Brings Light-A Kinetic and Land Art Project by Susumu Shingu” ,“Seed Project 2- Art with Mountain Land Art Installation Exhibition”, “URS27:The Grand Green Happy Station-Creative New Land ”, “Bopiarts-Old Street Cultural Festival, Fusion Folks-Contemporary Art Exhibition”, “Seed Project 1- Art with River Land Art Installation Exhibition”, “Dwelling Place 2008 Taiwan International Video Art Exhibition”, “Best of Discovery”, “Wandering- Art Taipei” , “Fashion Accidentally”, “Very Fun Park II”, “Rice for Thoughts-A Performance and Land Art Project” , “Resonance- Fubon Art Foundation” , “Climax-the Highlights of Ars Electronica” , “Nan Kang Software Park Public Art Project- Techno Dream Sphere”. His latest publication is “Biennial-Hop”, 2010.

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